Why Fighter Math Doesn’t Work GSP Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit


Just because Fighter A has defeated Fighter B, and Fighter B has defeated Fighter C, that's no guarantee that Fighter A can beat Fighter C.
That's called fighter math and it doesn't work. It didn't work on the playground and it doesn't work in professional combat sports. I can't think of a better example than George St. Pierre, Johny Hendricks, and Carlos Condit.
GSP vs Condit
GSP has already beaten Carlos Condit in a five round decision. He had little problem taking him down and controlling him like everyone else he's fought. There was only one time during the fight that I was concerned GSP might be in trouble. Even still, there was no question who was the winner at the end of the fight.
Hendricks vs Condit
Maybe this is controversial, but I'm going to call Condit the winner had this fight gone a full 5 rounds. Condit had already eaten the best left hand Hendricks had to throw and as Hendricks' pace began to slow, Condit was still full steam ahead and began making real headway towards the middle of the third round. If this was a main event that lasted 5 rounds, I have no doubt Condit would of been the winner.

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GSP vs Hendricks
Fighter math would tell us if GSP can beat Condit, and Condit can beat Hendricks, then GSP could beat Hendricks. That just isn't the case.
GSP could not have eaten a fraction of the Johny Hendricks punches that Condit did. It would have taken only one of those punches and GSP would have been knocked out. He's a great fighter, but he has a glass jaw.
In the recent GSP vs Diaz fight, I became concerned that a few of the jabs GSP took from Diaz had him stunned.
GSP has been fantastic by taking people out of their game and keeping them from doing what they do. But Hendricks is a two time NCAA Division I wrestling champion. I don't see GSP taking this guy down at will and riding him out for a full five rounds.
Johny Hendricks doesn't mind taking one to give one. When GSP fights Johny Hendricks, he's going to get hit and when he does, we are going to have a new champion.


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