I�ve Been Punk�d by the Google Bot – Post #3

On Saturday, I ran a quick check of some of my keywords for my JillianEntertainment.com website. I use this site to sell a wholesale dvd list to internet retailers. I was shocked to find out that 4 of my high traffic keywords had disappeared from the first page of search results. These words didn’t just […]

I�ve Been Punk�d by the Google Bot – Post #2

I’ve been a little concerned about my site falling off the google search results. Okay, that’s a lie. I haven’t been concerned. I’ve been downright terrified. Okay, not terrified. I’ve been somewhere between terrified and concerned. I spent sometime searching and found a good post on the subject by Brent Hodgson. I had never heard […]

I’ve Been Punk’d by the Google Bot – Post #1

Just when I thought organic search listings were within my grasp, I’ve been Punk’d by the Google Bot. One of my first digital product sites was the Jillian Entertainment CD & DVD Directory. When I started the site, I was relying solely on pay per click traffic. However, over the last 6 months, I’ve noticed […]

DVD Wholesale Directory – Internet Marketing Test Pages

I just created some new page layouts for the DVD Wholesale Directory. Page 1 is the original layout. I plan to run each new page for about a week to determine which design produces the most affiliate and adsense earnings. I’ll keep every one updated when I separate the winners from the losers. Which page […]

Keep Screen Resolution in Mind when Designing your Website

If you don’t design web pages everyday, it can be easy to forget what your site looks like on your computer, may not be the way it looks on your customer’s computer. I experienced this issue earlier today. I have been setting up some new websites recently using my laptop. It has the screen resolution […]