– SEO Project #2 – Update 6 – SEO Project #2 – Update 6 3 Hours Spent Adding Additional Content to the Site and Running Article Post Robot 28 Hours Left $15 Dollars Spent On Another Domain Name $385 Dollars Left Adding New Content I just spent three hours adding additional content to my site and organizing everything into categories. I’m […]

Niche Internet Marketing – I Gave an Interview Featured in a Real Book

Did I ever mention I gave an interview that was picked up in a real book? Probably not! This was at the top of my “to do list” a year ago and I never got around to posting about it. Last year, I was asked to give an interview about my experiences in starting and […] – Backlinks That Make A Difference – SEO Project #2 – Update 5 2 1/2 Hours Spent On Paid Directory Links, & Creating A Blog, Expired Domains, and Bookmarking – 31 Hours Left $104.96 Spent On Directory Links $15 Spent On Expired Domains $400 Left I spent the last 2 1/2 hours working on my SEO project site. My […] – Creating Content That Users Are Searching For – SEO Project #2 – Update 4 5¬†Hour Spent On Adding Content & Bookmarking – 33 1/2 Hours Left $480 Spent On Content – $520 Left I just spent half of my budget on 40 articles.¬† I plan on adding 25 of them to the site and the other 15 I plan to use […] – Recording A Starting Point With A Good Keyword Ranking Tool – SEO Project #2 – Update 3 1/2 Hour Spent On Ranking Check – 38 1/2 Hours Left It’s impossible to monitor your progress if you don’t know where you start from. I spent about 30 minutes today importing my targeted keywords into a program called Web CEO. Web CEO has a lot of […]