10,000 Spam a Day Sucks! Stop Email Spam. Fix Your Website Setup.

For the last few months, I had been getting more than 10,000 emails a day. 200 – 300 of these I actually needed to read. The rest were old fashioned spam. As strange as it seems, the increase had been so gradual, I really hadn’t even noticed. Granted, if you are used to getting 100 […]

Kill the Earth! Who needs the Earth anyway?

Today is Earth Day. This is like Christmas for the “save the planet” crowd. I’m sure Al and Tipper Gore are outside starring at the stars as I write. Personally, I’m a member of Glenn Beck’s Evil Conservative Industries. I hate clean air and water. The more you dirty it up, the better. Can I […]

February 2008 Checks – Commission Junction, Azoogle, Clickbank, and Google Adsense

Here are a few of my checks from February 2008. I’m not quite up to the level of Shoemoney with his $132,000 Adsense Check, but hey…..you got to start somewhere.

Jillian and Jordan Crouch

Here is a recent picture of my daughter Jillian. She was a baby yesterday. Now she is nearly seven years old and grown. Here is my son Jordan. We wished he was grown! He looks pretty sweet here, but his shirt says it all.

6 Inches of Snow + Couple of Kids + Sled = Lots of Fun!

I live in Middle Tennessee. A few weeks ago, we had very rare occurrence in the form of 6 inches of snow. I’ve lived here my whole life. I can only remember one other time when we had significant snow fall. It was 20 years ago and we had 8 inches. Our area is no […]