Controlling Page Rank With Nofollow Links – – Site Review – Part 3

If you want a very detailed description of page rank, I’d recommend checking out what wiki has to say. Otherwise, for our discussion, we’ll skip all the confusing formulas and keep it simple. Page rank is one of many factors Google uses in their algorithm to determine where our site ranks in the search results. […]

Methods of Keyword Research – The Foundation Of Your Website – – Site Review – Part 2

Last year I setup 10 different SEO test sites. This was my first attempt to target niches and try to rank for related keywords. Some of the sites did exceptionally well. Others, not so much. With a year of experience under my belt, I’ve determined my keyword research was flawed. Targeting the right keywords is […]

IX Web Hosting – Packed My Bags And Got The Heck Out Of Dodge – Part 3

If you haven’t read part 2 of this post, use the link below. IX Web Hosting – Terrible Customer Service? – Part 2 A few days ago, I completed migrating all my sites from IX Webhosting to Host Gator. I left a support ticket with IX Webhosting pointing them to the multitude of forums where […]

Setting Your Site Up For Analytics – – Site Review – Part 1

A lady named Elena left a comment on my blog last week mentioning that she had purchased some directory links due to my recommendation. We had some back and forth and over the course of our conversation, I asked Elena if I could write a review of her site and point out some things […]

WordPress Database Backup Plugin – Backup Your MYSQL Database On Automatic

I keep backups of all my sites on my computer. If something goes wrong with my server, I’ve got all my core files on my laptop just waiting to be restored. What I’m not so diligent about is backing up my MYSQL databases. Luckily, I’ve found a good solution to backup my WordPress database automatically.