Option Trading Can Yield High Returns Without High Risk


When the average person hears the word “OPTIONS” in relation to investing, they immediately think high risk, gamble, complex, and heart burn! Over the last few years, I have found a conservative way to trade options that has netted me tens of thousands of dollars.

Making- Money With Naked Puts Beginners Guide

I’m not an investment adviser. Don’t take my advice. Do your own research and seek the advice of a professional. I’m not an expert. What I’m about to share with you is what I have learned trading in options and shouldn’t be taken as the gospel truth until you have researched option trading for yourself. […]

Conventional Wisdom is Wrong When It Comes to Picking Mutual Funds

At 16 years old, the mother of one of my friends loaned me a copy of a wealth building course she purchased by Charles Givens. I was so interested I read the entire thing from front to back. What really caught my interest was the section on mutual fund investing. I must have read a […]