One Man’s Goal – People Living in the Projects Shouldn’t Throw Stones

This post represented my opinion at the time of writing it.

Yahoo’s Overture – Minimum Bids No Longer Fixed at $.10

I got this email from Overture a few days ago. They are copying the Google Adwords model and basing minimum bids on the ad and landing page quality. Personally, I have seen very few changes in my account. Out of a few thousand keywords, I have seen less than 10 of my keywords that now […]

Free Link Building Software – Comment Kahuna

I just learned of a free link building software over at Dan Thies SEO Fast Start Blog. It is called Comment Kahuna. It ISN’T an automated bot that goes around leaving spam over a list of blogs in hopes of getting back links. It IS a good tool to connect with other blogs with similar […]

Yahoo Directory Submission – Update #2

You can read the first post in this series at this link. Yahoo Directory Submission – Update #1 Only a few days have passed since my site has shown in the Yahoo Directory. At this point, analyzing the results is premature. But when I realized Google had already visited the category of the Yahoo Directory […]

eBay Partner Network – Migrating Your Old Commission Junction Links

I just finished migrating all my old eBay affiliate links to the new eBay Partner Network. If you haven’t started migrating your links yet, you better get busy. You only have a few days left. This will be the last month eBay will be paying commissions under the old Commission Junction program. It took me […]