One Man’s Goal – People Living in the Projects Shouldn’t Throw Stones

This post represented my opinion at the time of writing it.


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10 Responses to “One Man’s Goal – People Living in the Projects Shouldn’t Throw Stones”

  1. Garry Conn Says:

    One thing I am curious about is if you have researched his physical Nashville address or are you just venting a little bit by saying that he lives in the projects of Nashville.

    Clearly Justin is a total noob, I can tell that just in the YouTube video that he did over two weeks ago with less than 20 views.

    What is the piece that I am missing here? Why did he write the post about Marc? Just for link bait? What’s the scoop?

    Best Regards,
    Garry Conn

  2. Brent Crouch Says:

    Hi Garry,

    SEO Prick lives on Jones Avenue in Nashville. Have you ever heard of Dickerson Road? It is right off the most crappy part of Dickerson Road. I know the area well. I really grew up on Jones Ave.

    I have no idea what the scoop is. I don’t think he is smart enough to do it for link bait. He mentions Vic in his video. My guess is he thinks he is the next Vic or something.

    I don’t have a short fuse by any means. Most things that should piss me off don’t. But there was just something about this guy “calling Marc out” that just sent me over the edge. If he had some type of background, I’d of let it go. But clearly this guy is a nobody.

    No problem with that. Just don’t paint yourself as something different and try “calling someone else out”.

  3. Justin Says:

    I’m not too concerned about defending myself against your post. Mark himself agreed with my evaluation and said he’d be changing things at his site. (check his comment) I wasn’t rude to Mark, and hoped the criticism would be useful. Anyone should be willing to hear what his visitors think, and I do visit his blog weekly.

    Your attack doesn’t carry much weight. The fact that you attack my grammar and where I live is weak. And, if you’re curious, I no longer live there. That address is old. I know its on my whois, but its from 5 years ago when I got my first domain on namecheap, just been lazy on the updating it. I currently live in Knoxville TN., and got to UTK. But, you’re an asshole for judging someone for where they live. I was in high school when I lived there, so it’s no reflection upon me, but my parents.

    Yes, the site has no link building right now. Since you’re so great at back tracking my info, note that the domain is 20 days old. And, I’m in college taking exams right now. Doesn’t leave much time for link building until its over.

    And the reason I got frustrated with Mark is because he seems to ignore people’s advice. I am close to his age and would love to see him do well. I check his blog and feel like my time was wasted. So, I made a post for him to read.

    And anyways, I am nobody. I’m not an A-lister. I am a web designer who recently go involved in the MMO blogging scene. My SEOZombie site is just a slow building project for now, among the other things I’m juggling in life (college, job, etc).

    You need better material to write about than some random ass dude name Justin, who’s just expressing his views on his 2 week old blog with no traffic.

  4. Brent Crouch Says:



  5. Justin Says:

    You shouldn’t justify my ability or success based of my current blog. I don’t share my other sites, nor do any MMO/SEO’s. I make enough to not need a job while I’m in college. The last site I launched gets 2,000 visitors a day and only took me about 2 months. Not too bad imo. Check back at my blog in 2 months, and place judgement then.

    And my judgment on Marc was on his blog’s post quality. Being a reader is the only qualifcation needed to point that out.

    It wasn’t link bait. Marc isn’t a big target. I didn’t even try to promote it.
    It was for Marc, he replied to my post, I was happy. I replied to his comment and was very polite to him.
    All this took place before you made your post. You just made this post trying to stir drama.

    My site isn’t launched 100% yet, which is why I haven’t promoted it. Had you not made this post, nobody would have found it.

    This wasn’t done for promotion, but hell, I’m not complaining. With the great picture you painted of me, lol, people will want to click through to my blog. In two months, when my site is up and launched, I look forward to the traffic you send me from this post. I get no juice, due to the no follows, but I’m fine with getting your visitor’s click throughs. Hell, some might be my readers in a few months.

    I didn’t follow One Man’s Goal until Vic made that post about it. When he did, I started following Marc’s blog. And had Marc impressed me, I would have be a long time reader. Sadly though, he disappointed me.

    I made a reply, cause hell I figured I explain my view. In a week though, this won’t matter. Why? Because nobody cares about a 2 week old blog.

    The worst things you pointed out about me:
    – I have an opinion and I express it. I want a blog I follow to have good post.
    – I was an smart ass in the way I wrote. (So are you, so…. Does it really matter?)
    – I am overweight.
    – I come from a poor family.

    Reasons your attacks don’t matter.
    – This applies to MANY bloggers. You just wanted to pick me. But there are many people you could attack. And I’m not special enough to matter for more than a day.
    – lol, again many bloggers are assholes, vic, me, and now you
    – I weight too much. How many MMO people do you think are overweigt? My weight affect nothing.
    – Yea, I come from a poor single family home. I lived in east nashville as a teen. I’m now 22, so who gives a fuck where I lived when I was 16?

    If anyone wants to judge me on those factors, thats fine.

    This isn’t a “nice act”. I’m a nice guy, who was stressed with exams, went to read a blog, got frustrated with it wasting my time, and posted about it on my empty blog. I’m not back tracking. The article is still up, people can go read it. All the post was, was a frustrated demand that a blogger I follow improve his quality.

    I hope this gets you some traffic and makes you some money. I’ll get some traffic from this and its all win win for both of us. And ultimately, Marc will also get some traffic. So everyone gets a little traffic at the cost of people knowing I use to be poor and I am currently fat. A fair trade off.

    Just keep up with my blog over the next month or two, you’ll learn I’m a nice guy and not the image you’re painting.

  6. Brent Crouch Says:

    @Justin – Dude you just don’t get it. Read this slowly and maybe you will get it. If you still think I’m picking on you for being fat or living in the projects, then read it again. You still don’t get it.

    You shouldn

  7. Justin Says:

    I understand you’re critical of my success and not just weight or where I live, but you spent a fair amount of time on those two topics.

    I am happy with my $600-800/month I make part time online while in school. That is successful to me, considering I’ve been doing affiliate/Google ads for only 2-3 months.

    I’m not an A-list, or have their success, but that doesn’t mean my point was not valid. Marc actually emailed me about my post and I’m now communicating with him via email.

    Yes, it was for Marc. Read the post, you’ll see that I directly address Marc throughout the post. Yes, the post also applies to anyone who visits my site, but its easy to see specific comments I make directly to Marc. I speak directly to Marc 4 or 5 times in my post. So, it was directed to Marc, but also applies to my visitors.
    Marc in his email agreed with some of my points and asked me my view on a few things. He’s making some changes too. I think you blew this up more than it should have been.

    I’m not clueless just because I have yet to generate a huge site. I’ve done web design for years, but never for myself.
    Lack of site success doesn’t disqualify my view as a reader. I’m not trying to teach people shit I don’t know with the post. I simply say to my readers that his current posts are a waste of time. I don’t see how I need qualification for that.
    I have an opinion about his 10K. I disagree with it. Does he have to listen to me…hell no. But that doesn’t prevent me from wanting to express my view.

    About the removal of stuff. The video wasn’t meant to be published, that was me practicing my first video. I didn’t like it and didn’t leave it on my site. I hadn’t removed it from YT and didn’t want the world watching it. Thats why it wasn’t on my site.
    I removed the trackback because I disagree with you actually sharing my old street name. Mentioning my old physical address is something I didn’t like, so I removed that info in my whois and removed the trackback because I’m not wanting to share information about where I use to live.
    And because eventually I plan to receive traffic and I have no desire to send it to this post.

    I went to Hume Fogg. If you’re from Nashville, then you’ll know that means I’m not the dumb fuck you might think I am.

    Yes, you did under my skin. I’m fine with being singled out for grammar, bad post quality, shitty SEO. If you single me out for a mistake I make, I will accept that. You can call me an asshole, sarcastic, out of line… all fine.
    I think you used cheap tactics to attack a person’s weight and where they’re from. If you need to fill 1/3 of you post content with my weight and my street address, I don’t think your point is as strong as you’d like it to be.
    Remove all the attacks and name calling based off those two factors and your post would be very different. You approached a debate by poking fun.
    Your post isn’t comparable to mine. I called out Marc on content. Not on how he talks in his videos, or how he looks. All I asked was… “give me something good to read”

    I honestly have no problem with you targeting me. Just like I did to Marc, you’re welcome to return the favor.
    I only frown on your posting my previous physical address and singling me out for my weight. Two issues you brought up just to bother me.

    But, its fine. I know your view and disagree with it. I feel like as a reader I was qualified to say some of his posts made me want to stop visiting his site. Maybe I was rude, but did I deserve for you to poke fun at my weight and being poor, I don’t think so.

    Good luck on your site, this post at least got you a lot of free content for Google to go through.

  8. Brent Crouch Says:


    You still don’t get it. That’s fine.

    You come across as a nice guy. You weren’t so nice in your post to Marc.

    I never posted your street number. If it makes you feel better, I’ll remove the street name. You just let me know. It was my street too.

    There is no shame in being fat or poor. I have been poor and I am still fat. The entire point was to turn the tables and show you how being treated “harsh” felt.

    I agree as a reader, you have an opinion and can share it. I have no problem with your complaint. My problem was how you said it and you chose to do so on your blog addressed to your readers. If you wanted to give feedback to Marc, try using his comment section or dropping him an email if you really are looking out for his benefit.

    If you’ll look back at Marc’s post that you commented on, there were several people that commented on the tone of your post.

    Hume Fogg – Yeah, I know Hume Fogg well. That is a good sign you are intelligent. It has no reflection on your willingness to treat people with respect.

    You want me to remove OUR old street name, just tell me. Otherwise, I’ll leave it up and wish you good luck.

    Brent Crouch

  9. theaffiliatepost Says:

    WOW. Thank you both for wasting my time. Seriously guys, do you not have anything better to do than try and out smart one another? Are you both friends again?

  10. Brent Crouch Says:

    @theaffiliatepost – Friends again? We were never knew each other to start with despite growing up on the same street. As far as wasting your time, I apologize for that an accept full responsibility. I explained it a little better in the next post.

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