SEO Project #1 – Ranked #1 For My Top Keyword – Update #21

A few weeks ago, I noticed an increase in traffic from one of my project sites  After some checking, I realized my site was now ranking #1 for my primary keyword in Google. At first, I thought it was no big deal. I’ve had my sites bounce all over the place and wasn’t sure […]

Tracking Clickbank Conversions From Google Adwords And Other PPC

Google AdWords is the “King of the Hill” in the PPC arena.  Every year, I spend north of $150,000 in PPC ads with 80% of my spend going to AdWords.  For those around  less SEO savvy, (myself included), AdWords is an excellent medium to drive targeted traffic to any site. To be successful with AdWords […]

Barack Obama Birth Certificate – Is President Barak Obama A U.S. Citizen?

I’m a sucker for political discussions. I try and stay as educated as possible on current political events. I wasn’t a huge fan of either Presidential Candidate. It was another year where I was left voting for what I perceived as the lesser of two evils. When I ran across this post, How Much Is […]

Computer Virus – Lost Access To Control Panel And Shell.exe Error On Startup

I did something stupid the other day, I downloaded software from a site that was questionable at best. I should have listened to my first instinct and not done it. If I would have, I wouldn’t have got the computer virus that caused my system havoc. The virus took control of the administrator’s access on […]

Mozilla Firefox Locking Up Frequently and Slow At Times – Download Upgrade

I’m a Firefox user.  I was very frustrated with Firefox for a while. One of the releases I downloaded was frequently locking up and using all my system memory. It would never fail, I’d be in the middle of an important task and Firefox would lock up and I’d lose my data. When I opened […]