UFC 98 – Rashad Evans vs. Lyota Machida

UFC 98 was very exciting. The much anticipated fight between Rashad Evans and Lyota Machida was not disappointing. Rashad the reigning Light Heavyweight Champion wasn’t there by accident. He is an excellent and dangerous fighter. I was just amazed to see how easily Machida took him apart with surgical precision. It’s going to be interesting […]

What Would You Do With 64 Cents A Day?

64 cents a day isn’t much unless you are living in a third world country. To Kevin Ham, making 64 cents a day became a process he duplicated over and over and turned into a 300 Million Dollar Business. Kevin Ham has built a portfolio of 300,000 domain names estimated to be worth more than […]

Domain Name Investing – A Lucrative Internet Business

Earlier this year, I picked up a copy of Quick Cash Domaining and Domains Into Dollars from Phil Craig. My plans to spend the day at the lake were unsuccessful due to the weather and a broken shifter cable. So, today was a great day to dive into the world of domain investing. I wasn’t […]

I Beat The I.R.S.

I Beat The I.R.S. Targeted backlinks from blogs are very effective. I’ve been trying to rank one of my sites for the term “government tax sales”. The term is semi-competitive and gets over 6,000 searches a month. At the top of the pack on page one is the IRS website. When I started targeting the […]