What Would You Do With 64 Cents A Day?

64 cents a day isn't much unless you are living in a third world country. To Kevin Ham, making 64 cents a day became a process he duplicated over and over and turned into a 300 Million Dollar Business.

Kevin Ham has built a portfolio of 300,000 domain names estimated to be worth more than 300 million dollars. These domains produce an estimated 70 million dollars a year in revenue. That averages out to be 64 cents a day per domain.

This is a great story that is worth reading.




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2 Responses to “What Would You Do With 64 Cents A Day?”

  1. Jason Hommel Says:

    “You won’t find his name on any domain registration”
    Too bad. I was looking forward to seeing the domains that he bought. I checked out the link and it’s a good story. You know he’s really serious about his craft and he knows how to go around loopholes. This guy is a genius. By the way, not even people from 3rd world countries can live off with 64 cents a day.

  2. Brent Crouch Says:

    You can see some of his domains at this link.


    I don’t think he is very secretive about his domains. It’s not like you or I could do anything to compete with him. He already owns them. If you Google his name, you can find different stories about him and most will mention a few domains he has purchased.

    🙂 My point wasn’t to live off of 64 cents a day, it was to realize that even an investment so small that yielded only 64 cents could be duplicated over and over into a million dollar business.

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