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This is the category where I put all the things that interest me that just don't fit anywhere else. The posts include my round and round with Samsung about their warranty denial of my cracked plasma television, my issues with a local internet marketer, or just me pointing out that Google once considered me the smartest guy on the planet.

Jules Bernard Quote – Laziness is Resting Before you Are Tired

“Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.” – Jules Bernard French Writer

Affidavit of Herndon Brent Crouch Concerning Denied Samsung Plasma Warranty

If you haven’t read the previous post concerning this issue, you can find it at the link below. Samsung Plasma Television – Screen Cracked – Warranty Denied Link to my Affidavit Concerning My Cracked Samsung Television Get The Signed And Notarized Version of My Affidavit To get the signed and notarized version of my affidavit, […]

Samsung Plasma Television – Screen Cracked – Warranty Denied

I purchased a 63” Samsung Plasma Television model #PN63C550 from the hhgregg Madison Tennessee location on February 5, 2011 of last year. The television has worked flawlessly until January 17, 2011. I used the television on January 16th and didn’t notice any issues. I returned the next morning to find the screen was cracked. Since […]

Mark Mason – Garry Conn’s Guardian Angel?

Disclaimer: If you are interested, do your own research about the case I make below. It is only my opinion of how things happened. I could be completely wrong. Read the documents below and draw your own conclusion. Do not take anything I say as fact without verifying it. I’m a moron and I seek […]

Garry Conn Sued Today – Con Man or Guy Down On His Luck? You Decide

I sued Garry Conn today! It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but Garry really left me with no other option. I’ll be sure to update this page as things move forward.

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