A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

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Warning: Don’t read this unless you want to lower your advertising costs.

I’m not an expert on writing sales copy, but I do manage more than 10 ppc accounts and know the importance of writing and testing good ads. If you are using Google Adwords, you should know the higher the CTR of your ad, the higher it’s position and the cheaper it’s cost per click is […]

Adding the Red Background to No Follow Links Firefox

When I upgraded to Firefox I lost the red highlights over the nofollow links. I liked the ability to see what links were nofollow and what links passed page rank. The solution to adding the red highlights is pretty simple. First download and activate the add-on located below. ChromeEdit Then go to Tools – […]

Must Have Website Design / Layout – Color Tools

Web design isn’t one of my strong points.

Free Terms of Use / Terms of Service for your Website

If you don’t have a posted Terms of Service for your website, you should. Even if you are operating a site for fun, it is best to protect yourself. You always take the chance that someone will take something you post, misuse it and expect you to pay the damages. Don’t think it can happen? […]