Mark Mason – Garry Conn’s Guardian Angel?

Disclaimer: If you are interested, do your own research about the case I make below. It is only my opinion of how things happened. I could be completely wrong. Read the documents below and draw your own conclusion. Do not take anything I say as fact without verifying it. I'm a moron and I seek safe harbor.

If you read my post, Garry Conn Sued Today, then you are aware of my experience with self-proclaimed internet marketing guru Garry Conn. Immediately after I created that post, Garry sent me $75 along with a message of how that money was for his light bill. I never responded.

The following day, I received a series of 10 text messages from Garry telling me how he was going to lose his house, his kid's weren't going to have a Christmas, how he had always intended to pay me by the end of the year and I had agreed to that (huh?), as well as more "feel sorry for me" comments. He also sent another $25 by Paypal.

I never responded to Garry. I have spent months trying to get him to communicate and now that he was feeling some pressure, he was finally doing what he should have from the beginning. I wasn't moved. Matter of fact, at a time when I was trying to decide whether or not to pursue this case criminally, Garry had nearly given me every reason I needed to move in that direction.

That same evening, I received an email from Mark Mason of The subject of the email was, "I think I owe you an apology". Months ago when Garry had dropped off the face of the Earth, I contacted my buddy Josh Spaulding to vent my frustration. Josh put me in touch with his friend Mark Mason, because he knew Mark and Garry had some type of connection. Shortly after Mark got involved, I heard from Garry and assumed everything was going to be fine, so I gave Josh and Mark the thumbs up.

In the email Mark sent me, he was apologizing for not following up and making the assumption that things were fine. Of course none of this was Mark's fault. He had no obligation to follow up or even help me in the first place. He also asked me if I was open to discussing the situation with Garry. Mark mentioned that Garry had helped him out when he was first getting started and he would like to do what he could to help Garry resolve this situation.

I told Mark I'd be happy to resolve the situation outside of court and forget about the criminal route provided Garry paid the $367.50 he owed me by December 31st. This amount included the $400 I paid to Garry, the $167.50 I spent on court costs, and the $200 he had paid to date. Mark agreed that this was fair and the following day, I received a follow-up email from Mark stating that Garry had accepted the offer.

Later that same day, I received a Paypal payment from Garry for $367.50 along with this message.

Here is the remaining balance owed. I do appreciate you giving me a final opportunity to pay this back. A lot has been learned in this, and it won't happen again.

I wrote Mark to thank him and confirm the matter had been settled. I didn't really think of it until that night while I was about to go to bed. How did Garry Conn, a guy that claimed he couldn't pay his light bill, come up with $367.50 within 24 hours of Mark Mason getting involved in the situation? Could Mark have given Garry the money to settle our dispute? I don't know and it's not my business, but in my opinion, Mark seems to be that kind of guy.

Here is what I've learned from this situation. As much as I can't stand Garry Conn right now and would love to remove his throat by way of his rectum, I don't think Garry Conn is really a criminal. I think Garry Conn is just an irresponsible guy.

A couple of years ago, I had Garry lined up to do a design for me and he never followed through then. Of course, he never asked for any money upfront, so I wasn't out anything when I never heard from him. I should have learned my Garry Conn lesson when it cost me minimal time and no money and I could have avoided this entire mess.

I also learned that Mark Mason is a class act and is a perfect example of what loyalty really is. I don't have much good to say regarding Garry Conn other than he has a great friend in Mark Mason.

Thanks for your help Mark!

From the looks of this Youtube Video, I'm not the only one who has had this type of experience with Garry.


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4 Responses to “Mark Mason – Garry Conn’s Guardian Angel?”

  1. Mark Mason Says:

    Hey Brent;

    Thanks for all of the kind words. Glad I was able to help. It was kind of you to let me stick my nose in it, and it was kind of you to accept payment from Garry.

    Appreciate your willingness to listen.


  2. Amir Says:


    I would appreciate if you can ask Garry to sort my issue out as well, I would like my money back as well.


  3. Forest Says:

    I will NEVER trust Garry ever again and I am sorry you ended up in a mess but glad it was sorted out. He may well have genuinely been screwed in his life and I am sad that anyone is ever in that situation…. Still I will never ever trust him….

    As for Mark… I can 100% say Mark is one of the best IM’ers gracing the internet today and I would trust him with almost anything even though I have never met him…. Just a great guy.

  4. Brent Crouch Says:

    I’m sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with Garry. It’s really sad to see what potential this guy has and how he has pissed it all away. I don’t really consider him a criminal. I just think he is very irresponsible and immature.

    Garry is a blamer that doesn’t take personal responsibility for his actions. Everything he does is because of someone else or some situation outside of his control. I got so sick of hearing his excuses.

    Agreed. Mark Mason is a class act.

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