Mozilla Firefox Locking Up Frequently and Slow At Times – Download Upgrade

I'm a Firefox user.  I was very frustrated with Firefox for a while. One of the releases I downloaded was frequently locking up and using all my system memory. It would never fail, I'd be in the middle of an important task and Firefox would lock up and I'd lose my data.

When I opened Firefox this morning, a message popped up on my screen letting me know a new version was available. I quickly downloaded the update hoping that someone much smarter than me had addressed my stability concerns. Much to my satisfaction, it looks like someone did. The latest version of Firefox is working much better for me and I haven't had a single lock up all day!

Download the latest version of Firefox below.

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Why I Love Mozilla Firefox

I think the browser is much better than Internet Explorer.  It's an open source browser and many members of the Firefox community have written Firefox add-ons that automate a lot of repetitive tasks.

I have my Firefox setup with two add-ons that I couldn't live without.

Adsense Notifier - I run Google Adsense on a lot of my sites. I could waste a lot of time logging into my account to checkout how much I earned for the day. If my doctor seen how many times I was doing this, he'd probably diagnose me with OCD.

What Adsense Notifier does is log into my account behind the scene and place my daily earnings in the lower right hand portion of my Firefox browser. I seldom log into my account anymore. The information is readily available right on my browser.

SEO For Firefox - This is a great tool put out by Aaron Wall over at the When you search Google with the add-on enabled, it will give you lots of data about the sites that show up in the search results. At a glance you can see the PR of each page, the number of backlinks, DMOZ info, and much more. It's a great tool for SEO research.


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