IX Web Hosting – Packed My Bags And Got The Heck Out Of Dodge – Part 3

If you haven't read part 2 of this post, use the link below.

IX Web Hosting - Terrible Customer Service? - Part 2

A few days ago, I completed migrating all my sites from IX Webhosting to Host Gator. I left a support ticket with IX Webhosting pointing them to the multitude of forums where IX customer's were all complaining of being hacked and asked if they wanted to change their position of accusing me for my site being hacked.

The next morning I got a call from a manager named Kenny. Kenny apologized for what happened and promised he would talk to the tech that told me my account would be suspended if I were hacked again. Kenny acknowledged these attacks were the result of some outdated php files on their servers.

I explained to Kenny that I had already left IX for another host and asked for a refund of my unused time. Kenny readily agreed and by that afternoon my credit card had been credited for my unused time at IX.

From the amount of forum posts, it seems clear that the problems at IX are not over. Customer's are still complaining of having sites hacked and tier 1 of IX support continues to deny this is an IX problem.

I'm starting to doubt Kenny's explanation that these hacks were the result of some outdated php files. If that were the case, wouldn't you think the servers would be updated by now and the hacks would stop? Of course, that doesn't appear to be the case.


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10 Responses to “IX Web Hosting – Packed My Bags And Got The Heck Out Of Dodge – Part 3”

  1. dale Says:

    Hey Mate, I moved around the same time as you for the exact same reason. I got tired of continual injection hacks and the complete waste of time to restore my domains afterwards. I’ve gone to HostMonster and, so far, so good.


  2. Paul Says:

    Today I filed a complaint with the BBB ( Better Business Bureaus )

    I stronly advise everyone suffering from the IX web hosting incompetence, lies and deceit to file an official complaint, and try and get some kind of compensation for your grief.

    You can file a complaint at


    Let’s hope IX webhosting can finally get there act together, and start respecting their honest customers.

  3. Paul Says:

    And another happy IX web customer shares her ordeal

  4. Brent Crouch Says:

    Amazing how the IX ordeal still isn’t solved. This could be the end of IX as one of the top hosting companies.

  5. crystal Says:

    yeah, I ran for the border too. Third hack in 3 months. SHEEESSHHHH. They told me it was me EVERYTIME.

    .. jerks

  6. Chris Says:

    1/8/09 This is still happening at IX. I help a small non-profit with their website and just spent several hours taking care of an .htaaccess file redirecting the site to spyware. As of 1/7/09 they still have 100,000 of 283,000 websites infected. BUT REMEMBER IT’S THE USERS FAULT NOT THEIRS!!

  7. Theo Says:

    I too have had the same experiences with IXWebhosting and have moved most of my domains to a new host. I am tired of the lies and deception. My sites were hacked and they blamed me for their problem. In fact, they sent out a letter a while back indicating that they had an internal virus problem that hacked the htaccess files, but assured us that it had been resolved. Unfortunately the problems continue. Caveat emptor!

  8. Brent Crouch Says:

    I feel sorry for them. It sounds like they need to hire someone qualified to take care of this problem. I’m glad to hear they finally admitted it, but hate they lied about it for so long.

    If you are running lots of sites, I recommend a VPS from Servint.net

  9. Jonathan Says:

    I have recently been effected by a js injection through a file uploaded to a folder in an ix account, this file sat for over a month then was launched. It may have been through a vulnerability in wordpress via themes. I am not sure and logs of course do not date back as far as 30 days so we may never know how my account was accessed, ie; through another account on the same box etc…

    IX senior programming staff is very helpful. All you need to do is call, tell the guy on the phone he does not know-jack-shit about the issue and ask for higher level support, either that or email and request it be fwd to same dept. There are 20-30 people there to help in the programming dept. They have visited my account for 5 days consecutive to run cleaning scripts and investigate where it is coming from. I have 20+ sites that were effected.

    They seem to care far more now than last year during the htaccess injection.

    I will stay with them if they get their heads together fast…

  10. Brent Crouch Says:

    I’m still amazed they haven’t fixed the security problem on their server.

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