WordPress Database Backup Plugin – Backup Your MYSQL Database On Automatic

I keep backups of all my sites on my computer. If something goes wrong with my server, I've got all my core files on my laptop just waiting to be restored. What I'm not so diligent about is backing up my MYSQL databases. Luckily, I've found a good solution to backup my WordPress database automatically.

Currently, I have more than 8 blogs and the process of logging into PhphMyAdmin every time I write a post or someone leaves a comment just isn't going to happen. It is very time consuming.

I've found a good solution for my WordPress databases. There is a great backup plugin that can be configured to backup and email a copy of your database at an interval of your choosing. When I suffered a database program just today, the WordPress plugin saved my blog. My blog had been backed up just a few days ago and was in my email box.

You can get the WordPress Database Backup Plugin at this link.



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