Kill the Earth! Who needs the Earth anyway?

Today is Earth Day. This is like Christmas for the "save the planet" crowd. I'm sure Al and Tipper Gore are outside starring at the stars as I write. Personally, I'm a member of Glenn Beck's Evil Conservative Industries. I hate clean air and water. The more you dirty it up, the better. Can I get some more smog over here?

Now someone started Earth Hour. This is supposed to take place between 8-9pm today. We are all supposed to turn our lights off to "save the planet". Not me! I've got every light in the house on, my 3 plasma televisions are cranking away, and I'll probably burn an old tire in the back yard. I'm giving my daughter $2 for every neighbor she can get to turn the lights on by knocking on their door and running away. To heck with Earth Day and Earth Hour!

Even Google has got in on the action. They've turned the lights out on the Google Homepage. How considerate, while their founders travel the world in private jets.


My problem with this Environmental Do-Gooders is they are all hypocrites. Take for instance Al Gore who is at the head of this movement. This guy is living in a mansion and traveling around in a private jet. He spares no expense for his own comfort and doesn't give the environment a second thought. A year ago, the local news published his energy bills were over $30,000 a year for his mansion in Bell Meade. This is 20 times the national average!


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3 Responses to “Kill the Earth! Who needs the Earth anyway?”

  1. Brent Crouch Says:


  2. Matt Says:

    I totally agree with you. Gore and his followers don’t really give a tinker’s about the environment. Their crusade to “save the planet” is a massive scam to raise tax revenue.

  3. Brent Crouch Says:

    Gore is a hypocrite as evidenced by the massive house boat he now has parked at Hurricane Marina on Center Hill Lake. Gore is another one of the “do as I say and not as I do” crowd.

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