Blogs that don’t use the nofollow attribute

I read several blogs everyday and occasionally I will post a comment. Even though most blogs let you leave a link, it doesn't give much SEO benefit since most blogs include a nofollow attribute for all comment links. I thought this was common practice with all blogs. Well obviously not.

Mark Cook recently posted Over 160 Link Following Blogs. I had no idea there were so many blogs that didn't use the nofollow attribute. Mark took the time to categorize the blogs. The list is in PDF format so you can easily download and save it. Be sure to drop Mark an email and say thanks.

More Blogs that pass page rank


Find blogs that relate to your subject matter and don't comment just to get a link. If you don't have anything useful to say, don't leave a comment.

Good Luck,

Brent Crouch


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10 Responses to “Blogs that don’t use the nofollow attribute”

  1. Josh Spaulding Says:

    Great post Brent!

    I’ve always been against blogs using nofollows.

    “Fight spam not blogs”

    My blog passes pagerank as well.

    Thanks for the list!

  2. Franck Silvestre Says:

    It’s a useful list, I just hope that people will not use it to spam these blogs.

    Thank you.

  3. admin Says:

    I agree. It only takes a few spammers to mess it up for everyone.


  4. Dave Says:

    I just created one with over 600 dofollow blogs here.

  5. Jeff Schuman Says:

    Great list Brent. Thanks!

  6. paul Says:

    does anyone have this as an excel file? :)
    anyways thanks for the list!

  7. J P Says:

    I’m glad this has finally come into being. But it still upsets me that Google has such control over everything and anything web-related. If only MSN and Yahoo could get their collective acts together! /rant over

  8. backlinks/ qassia Says:

    great list brent, this is amazing,thank you

  9. perde Says:

    It is good for those trying to get links one by one 😀 poor =)

  10. Brent Crouch Says:

    Isn’t that the “white hat” way? I could setup a track back spammer or build a few blogs with duplicate content and setup my own links hundreds at a time. But what are those links worth? Not much to Google. But I’ve come to realize to MSN they are worth quite a bit.

    MSN traffic may be small compared to Google, but with a few million searches a day, I’ve finally realized they shouldn’t be ignored.

    What kind of linking schemes have brought you the most luck?

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