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Last night, I built a new forum site at By this afternoon, I had over 200 posts and just as many members. I'd love to say I'm an SEO genius and had ranked the site for some high traffic keywords in less than 24 hours, but that isn't the case.

I'm trying out a new software I purchase called Forum Post Robot. (Affiliate Link) The software was developed by David Tang of This is the same company that developed Article Post Robot, which is one of the tools I use everyday.

Forum Post Robot uses content from Yahoo Answers and posts the content in the form of posts and topics into your forum. It literally allows you to build a forum with topics, posts, amd members on automatic. You can setup FPR to search Yahoo Answers for the content you want by keyword and the process is pretty much automatic from there.

While I'm pretty impressed with the software and it's ease of use, I'm not expecting to create 1,000 sites with top Google rankings using it. The software uses content that is already posted on the web and most likely will not make it past the duplicate content filters at Google. However, I'm more interested in MSN traffic at this point and their search engine isn't quite as sophisticated when it comes to rooting out duplicate content.

Forum Post Robot will allow me to create some content sites on automatic that I can use to link up to my MSN SEO sites. I'm very anxious to see the results and will post an update as soon as I get some more data.


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7 Responses to “Forum Post Robot Review”

  1. Keith Says:

    Brent , are you using this software just for SEO and to gain rank in MSN search? Is there any value to using this software on a forum you are trying to build for real?

  2. Brent Crouch Says:

    My main objective is to see how MSN will value the links. From what I have seen so far, MSN loves domains that have keywords and values any link.

    Here are a couple of examples.

    Search MSN for tax lien properties.

    You’ll find my site ranked for the first and second position. This site has some good backlinks now, but I gained this MSN ranking just by getting blog and article links.

    Another example is leather motorcycle jacket.

    My site is on the first page. This site has only 5 very crappy nofollow links. Even still, MSN loves it.

    As far as this software having value, it is possible. This main issue is it is using content from Yahoo Answers. It’s never going to rank well in Google due to the entire Duplicate Content penalty. I’m not sure about Yahoo or MSN. It will be interesting to see.

    It may work better if you went back and responded to some of the questions it posted. At least this way, you’d be mixing some unique content into the mix.

    I’ll post my results in a few weeks.

  3. registry cleaner reviews Says:

    Hey Brent,
    I just stumbled over your review after searching in Big ugly G! Your demo site is still up which is a good thing. Are you still using the software since most of the entries (spam aside) are from 2008

  4. Brent Crouch Says:

    I’m about to use it for another site to create links to my latest project.

  5. registry cleaner reviews Says:

    Brent, thanks for the reply! I am not sure if you can get a lot of traffic with those fake boards but using a niche related board to get some extra links (with already other link building means in the mix) could work…

  6. Brent Crouch Says:

    I think you are exactly right. I don’t even monitor the traffic that I get on those sites. I wouldn’t be surprised to see if it was zero, but since every url that can be crawled has some page rank, links from those sites are worth something. If it is links you are after, check out the video I did on this page. I used this method last night and was able to pick up at least 20 good relevant links to one of my projects including one PR5.

  7. Stevan Pierce Says:

    As far as Forum Post Robot goes, the interface is somewhat limited, the technical support lacks significant, and the software has some really bad bugs that only get worse due to the lack of support you receive…but what do you expect for $97?

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