SEO Project #1 – Project Progress Review – Light At the End of the Tunnel – Update #16

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I have to admit I've been out of it lately. I've been so disgusted with my progress on this project. Keep in mind, this is my first SEO project. I've never been down this road before. I'm very inpatient by nature. What I want, I want now! I'll spend all night working to get it. I'll spend three days with no sleep if I have to. Bottom line, the 82% of my personality that is classified as type A wants results yesterday for the work I do today!

I'm quickly learning that SEO doesn't work that way. The work I do today, may not yield results for several weeks and maybe months. It's been hard for me to stay focused on this project. It was one of the reasons I hired a virtual assistant. I need someone to stay focused on this project when my attention is elsewhere.

I spent the entire day thinking about scrapping this project. It is currently making about $300 a month from the PPC traffic. I could just leave things as they are and it'd pay for my vacation every year.

Then this afternoon, I finally got the break I needed. My primary keyword phrase, that gets an estimated 3,600 searches a day, finally made it off page 2 of Google and is now on position 5 of page 1. I also found I'm ranking in position 1 page 1 for that same keyword phrase on MSN. Finally, I'm starting to see the results from 2 months of work!

Now this project I was considering scrapping has my full attention and focus. I'm going to have the site redesigned to feature a link to my best content from the home page. I'm also going to add a blog and start interviewing some of the industry experts.

If you are having problems ranking your site, just hang in there. I'm a total SEO newbie and I've been able to make it happen. I still have a long way to go with this site, but at least now I can see some progress and know my work isn't wasted.


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