Free Script For Split Testing Adsense Color, Size, and Placement

I’m working on a new project at Primarily, this site is going to be monetized with Adsense. The only way to make sure I’m getting the most of my Adsense ads is to test the different options from placement, pic vs text, size, and color. If you take a look at the how to […]

Want more targeted adsense ads? It takes more than a keyword rich url.

If you read my previous post, Keyword Rich URL For Targeted Adsense Ads, my expectation came true. When I first created the test pages, the adsense ads displayed had everything to do with the keywords used in the url and nothing to do with the page title or content on the page. A few days […]

Want more targeted adsense ads? My test results say change your url.

I wanted to see what factors google used when displaying adsense ads. What I discovered today was a little surprising. According to google, the adsense ads that show on a page have everything to do with the content of the page. According to my test results, not so much…. I put this idea to the […]