Want more targeted adsense ads? It takes more than a keyword rich url.

If you read my previous post, Keyword Rich URL For Targeted Adsense Ads, my expectation came true. When I first created the test pages, the adsense ads displayed had everything to do with the keywords used in the url and nothing to do with the page title or content on the page.

A few days later, it appears the url has very little, if anything to do with the ads that are shown. I'm sure the adsense bot visited the page. Now the ads shown have everything to do with the page content.

If you are a Adsense Premium Publisher, you have a few tools to choose which ads you display. For the rest of us, Google offers section targeting. If you are having problems with ads that aren't relevant to your page content, you can use the tags listed below at the beginning and end of the content you want to target.

< !- -google_ad_section_start- ->
The content you want to target goes here.
< !- -google_ad_section_end- ->

I've heard good and bad about section targeting. Some publishers sing it's praises, while others claim it makes targeting worse. I've used it a few times and have only had good results. It is a good way to keep your navigation bar from being apart of the content the adsense bot looks at when deciding which ads to display.


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