Terrible 2s – No Problem, Throw Your Toddler in a Canal

One of my customers, Bob, was nice enough to write and ask me how Jordan a.k.a "Baby J" was doing. Truth is Jordan has colic and has been a little difficult to live with the last few weeks. So I wrote Bob back and said, "Little Jordan has been a handful. My first one was an angel. Jordan....not so much. "

What followed was some advice from the older and wiser Bob who has already raised three kids of his own. Bob has some interesting suggestions on how to deal with terrible 2s. This includes holding the child upside down while threatening to throw him/her in a canal.

Now I admit, this sounded a little strange at first. But who can argue with the results? Bob is batting 3 out of 3. All three of his children have graduated college, one has a masters in business and is an investment banker, one is working on a PHD in engineering, and one is just enjoying life.

Sign me up as a believer. I like Bob's results. I'm holding Jillian upside down at this very moment. She's darn lucky we don't have any canals near our house.

In Bob's words...

My first was a handful - never slept unless I rocked her to sleep - many a night spend in a la-z boy recliner ... she turned out to be a full scholarship athlete - masters in business - and now an investment banker - so it worked out

My second was an angel - then she turned 2 years old... and she wrote the book on the term terrible 2's (and left us with some really really funny moments - including my almost getting arrested for holding her upside down - at the side of the road - in her car seat and threatening to throw her in a canal - my wife had to tell the cop who I didn't see parked across the street that this was just kinda normal - no throwing was going to really happen in our family) - and she turned out to be a full academic scholarship student - great job -BUT - off in July (she hopes) to get her PHD in engineering - still a handful by the way - but a total joy

My third was just the easiest for us .... we learned to ignore much (lessons learned with the first two) and just let it go - and he learned to be his own man - not worry about what the girls did growing up - not trying to compete.... he is graduating from FSU in April .... and if he had an ounce of the girls drive I wouldn't worry about the future - but he is happy - carefree - and totally fun to be with .... kinda like I was till my wife "straightened" me out (sigh) - we still laugh when remembering a teacher he had in high school told us that she noticed his name and said "oh my G-D - you are Randi's (the middle one) little brother - and he held up his hand and said "stop right there - lower your expectations" with a big smile on his face ... the teacher was chuckling still at the memory...

The point is - SOMEHOW ... they all seem to respond to the good things you and your wife - and family - surround them with .... and the "not so much" brings a touch of laughter to you and your wife when they are grown and out of the house and you are missing them - trust me on that one!!!! The end result - hopefully - like we are blessed - they will want you in their lives as they become adults (that is why we live in NC now - after 38 years in FL - the girls actually asked us to come live near them - packed up the warehouse - sold the homestead - and moved!)

Enjoy them - they grow up sooooo fast...

Best regards,

Bob . NC


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