SEO Project #1 – Article Marketing Secrets – Update #14

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I started writing about this project with the intent of posting everyday for 30 days and then checking on my results. My apologies. It hasn't worked out that way. A week ago, my daughter Jillian got out of school for the summer and we've been having fun. We've been to Dollywood, spent the weekend on our boat, and have plans to spend next week at Disney World in Orlando.

I haven't ditched work completely. I've been building back links using the methods mentioned in my previous posts. I'm happy to report I am already moving up the rankings for some of my long tail keywords. Unfortunately, none of my targeted keywords have shown up in the first 5 pages of Google just yet.

Article Marketing Tips

On my last post, I mentioned that I had 20 additional pages of content created. I've already added this new content to my site and it has already been indexed. One way to build new back links from relevant pages is to submit these articles to article directories and link back to my site using my targeted keywords as anchor text. However, most people agree that there are some issues regarding Google and duplicate content. For this reason, I'm not interested in submitting the same articles on my site to 50 different article directories.

Instead, I had the articles rewritten. I don't use one of the cheesy content rewriter softwares. These things take good content and spit out garbage. Instead, I have a writer that specializes in rewrites. Each article is well written and is different enough that I don't have to worry about Google's duplicate content penalty.

In the past, I'd use Article Post Robot to submit my articles across several hundred article directories. This was very effective a few years ago and helped me get great rankings for my CD and DVD Wholesale site. The problem is this method has been less effective over the past year.

Instead, I've turned to Josh Spaulding for help. Josh specializes in article marketing and wrote this post about his unique article submission strategy. I've adopted a similar strategy for this project. I submit half of my articles to article directories that have a PR6 or greater home page. Article Post Robot makes separating these directories easy and there are about 20 PR6 directories in total. The other half of my articles I submit to PR6 and PR5 directories. There are an additional 40 PR5 directories in Article Post Robot.

I'm rotating my author bio box to link back to the original article, my home page, and my main keyword articles using my targeted anchor text. I'll be submitting 2 - 3 of these articles a day, so I expect to have them all submitted in about a week.

If you are going to use articles to market your site, I'd highly recommend purchasing Article Post Robot (affiliate link). I've used this software for several years. It literally saves me hundreds of hours by automating many of the tasks required to submit articles across multiple article directories.


I'd also recommend picking up a copy of Article Marketing Domination (affiliate link) by Josh Spaulding. Josh is recognized as an expert on article marketing. You will not go wrong using his advice.

article marketing domination


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12 Responses to “SEO Project #1 – Article Marketing Secrets – Update #14”

  1. Josh Spaulding Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Brent. I don’t think anyone will hold your spending time with your daughter against you :)

    Congrats on your rankings. As long as you keep it up they’ll continue to rise. Some take longer than others, but as long as you’re targeting long-tail keywords with little competition they will normally stick once they get there.

  2. Josh Spaulding Says:

    P.S. I second your recommendation for Article Post Robot! I use it for all of my article submissions and it saves me loads of time!

  3. Brent Crouch Says:

    @Josh – I’ve had sites that rank well with time and little effort from me. My project site is the first site I picked out targeted keywords and then worked at achieving rankings.

    I found one of your recent posts, “Is SEO Worth Your Time” interesting. What you say makes a lot of sense. If things don’t work out for the main keywords I am currently targeting, I plan to pick out a list of long tails and go from that direction.

  4. YY Says:


    i’m from the SEOBook community — I love your posts and look forward to the next one,

  5. YY Says:

    btw, it would be lovely if you’d keep a running ballpark of costs. I think that would be amazing for determining some rough form of ROI.

  6. Brent Crouch Says:

    Hi YY,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Keeping up with the cost is a good idea. I may do that in one of the next posts.


  7. Forest Says:

    Hey Brent, I really have not dugg into articles as yet. It is something that I know is going to be good for a few of my niche sites.

    How is MNF going? Did you find any of your good longtails with that and are they bringing you traffic?

    I have a PR3 blog that I don’t mind putting some links on for you. It’s not my fave blog but the ranking is good for Google juice. Just give me some keywords and links and I will write a post or put some links in the blog roll.

    BTW, you may be interested in my latest post if you ever market your own Ebooks…..

  8. Brent Crouch Says:

    Hi Forest,

    You have to get started with article marketing! I was able to rank one of my sites by pure accident using article marketing. A few years ago, I had no idea about keywords or anchor text. I was submitting articles with the hope that someone would visit the article site and click through to my site from my link. I stumbled upon the SEO aspects of article marketing by accident. That site that I was spending $2,500 – $4,000 a month on PPC started getting organic traffic. Today, I it gets more than 10,000 clicks a month. The only real back links are all from article sites.

    MNF – I love it! I haven’t been posting her as much because I have been using it to revamp my physical product sites. (My bread and butter)

    You’ve sold the skeptic on this one. I was already using Keyword Elite and Aaron Wall’s Free Keyword Tool. I didn’t really want to try another one. But after doing so, I’m hooked. I’ve found so many keyword phrases I had never thought of or found using Keyword Elite or Aaron’s Keyword Tool.

    The only problem with Micro Niche Finder is from time to time I can’t pull data on the number of searches. It’s been a little annoying at times. Tech suppport says they’ll have the issue fixed in the next upgrade.

    I give MNF a thumbs up for anyone interested in finding great keywords and phrases.

    Thanks for the link offer. I’ll talk to you about it via email.

    I don’t market many ebooks. It looks like a cool tool you’ve created.

  9. David Lithman Says:

    I wonder if we’re the only two bloggers to have been to Dollywood. My parents too me there was I was a youngling.

  10. Brent Crouch Says:

    @David – Not sure if we are the only two, but if it has been more than a few years you need to go back. The park has changed so much in just the past few years. They’ve added some of the best roller coasters, the food is excellent, and the lines are very manageable.

    I spent the day at Magic Kingdom here in Orlando. After being a frequent visitor to Dollywood, I was very disappointed with Mickey Mouse this year.

    If you have young kids that want to meet the characters or you are interested in seeing some of the best live audio visual effects known to man, then Magic Kingdom is your deal. But if you are interested in excellent rides and great food, then save $40 a ticket and visit Dollywood.

    Another thing, if you are coming to Disney you might want to find an event calendar and make sure you don’t pick the week I did……gay week.

    I’m no hater. I could care less what other people’s preferences are and I probably wouldn’t mind explaining to my six year old why two guys are holding hands. But when I have to explain why two guys are touching each others “privates” in public, that is a bit too much for me.

    The first hotel I checked into, the bell man warned me on the way to the room. The hotel pool had been named as the meet and greet spot for the entire week. He stated the previous year once the alcohol had been circulated a few times, things went from hand holding and kissing to just disgusting.

    If you want to see just how bad it can be, check out You Tube. I’m amazed that Disney would allow this behavior of anyone regardless of their sexual preference. This is probably my last trip to see the mouse for a long time.

  11. Internet marketing company Says:

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