SEO Project #1 – I Added An Additional 20 Pages of Content To My Site – Update #13

I received 20 articles from one of my writers this weekend. I just finished adding them to my project site. These articles were not specifically written to target any keywords. The purpose of these articles were to provide good and useful information that a visitor interested in my niche would be searching for. This doesn't mean that I neglected targeting specific keywords or phrases. But the content wasn't written for that purpose. It was written for my visitors.

These additional articles will more than double the size of my site. This will allow me to target more long tail keywords and provide additional authority to the site.

The process I use to add content to my site goes beyond just posting a few articles and calling it quits. Here is the process I currently have in place.

1. Add Article To Site

A. Determine Which Keywords / Keyword Phrases Relate to Article

B. Use Keyword Phrase in Page Title

C. Use Variation of Keyword Phrase in <h1> Tags For Article Title

D. Name File Seperating Keywords With Hyphens (my-keyword-phrase.htm)

2. Add New Pages to Sitemap

3. Bookmark 1- 2 Articles Each Day Using

4. Prepare Articles to Be Added to Article Directories

A. Monitor Google Index to Ensure Article Has Been Indexed On My Site

B. Have Another Writer Create a Rewrite of the Original Article

C. Post Rewrite to Top Article Directories Alternating Links Back to Original Article, Home Page, and Main Keyword Articles Using Targeted Anchor Text

I ran my Web CEO ranking checker and was pleased to see my site is starting to show on the first five pages in Google for my keywords. I'm far from finished, but it is a good indication that things are headed in the right direction.


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5 Responses to “SEO Project #1 – I Added An Additional 20 Pages of Content To My Site – Update #13”

  1. Forest Parks Says:

    Hey Brent,

    I am still on a drive to get people to use Micro Niche Finder.

    So if you are interested in me getting some long tail keywords for you to try out… obviously free and no obligation to actually purchase MNF through me, then let me know.

    If you just give me your keywords that you do not mind revealing or just some rough subjects, I’ll run a few of them through MNF and email you some results and instructions as to how to use them.

    I am confident that the articles that use the keywords will rank high in Google and get great targeted traffic. There is nothing to lose :)

  2. Brent Crouch Says:

    Ok. Sounds like a deal. I’ll email you the domain of the project site I am writing about and we’ll run a few tests and post the results for everyone to see.

  3. Bryan Clark Says:

    Looks like you are well on your way to some serious organic rankings Brent!

    Forrest – Have you had good success with MNF? I’ve heard good and bad things… I guess it’s time to just open up the wallet and give it a try.

  4. Brent Crouch Says:

    Hi Bryan,

    Sorry for being slow to approve your comments. I’ve been out of town for a few days. Forrest had to give me a couple of pushes to finally buy MNF, but I am glad he did. It was well worth it.

    I’ve been using Keyword Elite for a while now. It’s good software and but takes a lot of time to gather results and you have to filter out a lot of unrelated keywords and phrases.

    MNF is very quick. I’m going to be using it every time I create a post to pick out the best keywords for the title.

  5. Forest Says:

    Hey Bryan,

    I have had some good success with MNF and am just starting to put it to better use with some new websites. I would advise you get it as you are in the site flipping business. If you don’t like it they have a full 60 day money back offer, so nothing to lose. I actually wrote a guest post here on Brent’s blog if you want to read more.

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