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I downloaded a trial copy of Web CEO about 1 year ago. The trial is a real teaser. This software is packed with features, but the trial only lets you access enough of them to make you want to try the rest. It's like giving a hungry man a free potato chip and then setting the bag down in front of them with a $10 price tag.

Guess what? I'm a hungry man and I bought the bag. Unfortunately, I'm not left fat and happy from the experience.

Web CEO is packed with features, but quite frankly, I haven't found most of them very useful. The keyword research tool doesn't seem to be very accurate when compared to other keyword tools. And the tools I did find useful are available free over at Aaron Wall's SEO Book.

One thing in Web CEO I really liked was a tool called Site Rankings. It lets me pick the keywords I want to track for my site. I also choose which search engines I want to use for my research. The tool will then check each of the selected search engines and report back where I rank for my selected terms.

One advantage to using Web CEO versus all the separate tools that Aaron offers is Web CEO offers these tools in one easy to use interface. The $249 I paid for Web CEO is well worth the convenience of having all these tools under one interface except for one reason.

What I didn't realize when I bought Web CEO is the $249 isn't the end of it. My software worked for about 90 days. After that, I no longer get updates to a knowledge base that they seem to update daily. After a few months of no updates, none of the tools no longer work. I have software that is less than 1 year old that is useless!

Basically if I want this software to work, I've been forced to subscribe to the knowledge base updates at $49 for 3 months. If I would have realized this software wasn't just a one time fee, I wouldn't have made the purchase. Maybe I should have read the fine print.

At $249 this software wasn't cheap. For that amount of money, I would have expected free updates for at least a year! Otherwise, if you are going to charge a hefty subscription fee, why charge an upfront fee for the software in the first place. Please choose one or the other, not both.

Basically, if you don't mind paying for the convenience of having these SEO tools in one easy to use interface, this software does everything it claims to do. I have no complaints where that is concerned. (other than questioning the keyword research) But if you buy it, make sure you know you are going to be paying a monthly fee if you want to keep it working.


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  1. ALAMIN Says:

    his was fantastic info ive been commrnting on blogs for weeks trying to increase my page rank this will really help me thanks

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