Yahoo Directory Submission – Update #5

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It has been more than a month since my site was added to the Yahoo Directory. This will be the last of my weekly updates. At some point, I may provide an additional update if I see some significant changes that I can attribute to my Yahoo Directory Submission.

The results of my directory submission were disappointing to say the least. If you compare my search rankings to those I posted 4 weeks ago, you'll see my rankings suffered across Google, Yahoo, and MSN. I'm not trying to make the connection that a Yahoo Directory submission will hurt your rankings. That would be absurd. But in my test, it was clear a Yahoo Directory listing didn't help my rankings.

To be fair, my site has been around for a while and already had decent rankings. Aaron Wall told me from the beginning that a Yahoo Directory listing usually gives more pop to a new site than an already established site. At some point, I may purchase a listing for one of my new sites to get an idea of exactly what effect it can have on a new site.

Do you have any experience with a Yahoo Directory Listing? If so, I'd love to hear your results.

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