Free Script For Split Testing Adsense Color, Size, and Placement

I’m working on a new project at Primarily, this site is going to be monetized with Adsense. The only way to make sure I’m getting the most of my Adsense ads is to test the different options from placement, pic vs text, size, and color. If you take a look at the how to […]

I Broke Another Adsense Earnings Record Yesterday

Okay, I didn’t really break an Adsense record, I broke my own Adsense record.  Yesterday was my biggest day for Adsense earning since I started concentrating on building content sites a year ago.  The is my 3rd “record breaking day” in the last few weeks. I finished the day with $81.41 in earnings. I think […]

Adsense Earnings – Biggest Day Yet

Yesterday was my biggest day for Adsense earnings so far. I finished the day with $79.53. That’s about $3.00 more than my previous “Big Day” a few weeks ago.

Google Adsense Earnings – $76.33 For The Day

January 4th 2009 was my biggest day ever for Google Adsense earnings.  I finished the day with $76.33.   I’ve seen a dramatic increase in Adsense earnings since I took my SEO Project site from position 5 to position 1.  I am amazed at how much moving up 4 spots made. Today is only halfway over […]

DVD Wholesale Directory – 5/8/07 – 5/21/07

The stats for Index Page 4 are finally in. This layout didn’t perform badly, but the test results show the winning layout is Index Page 2. From 5/8/07 – 5/21/07, Index Page 4 generated $296.53 in income from 1,313 visitors. The cost for these visitors was $187.56 generating a net profit of $108.97. This site […]