DVD Wholesale Directory – 5/8/07 – 5/21/07

The stats for Index Page 4 are finally in. This layout didn't perform badly, but the test results show the winning layout is Index Page 2.

From 5/8/07 - 5/21/07, Index Page 4 generated $296.53 in income from 1,313 visitors. The cost for these visitors was $187.56 generating a net profit of $108.97.

This site layout generated 8 sales giving us a CTS (Clicks to Sales) ratio of .6%. 333 of the 1,313 visitors took the time to click on the affiliate ads. This gives us a CTA (Clicks to Actions) ratio of a whopping 25.3%.

While the this layout is profitable, it doesn't compare to Index Page 2. IP2 is going to be the page you see when you visit the DVD Wholesale Directory. Now that I know which layout is the most profitable, I'll be spending money at MSN, Yahoo, and some of the other PPC search engines to generate more traffic.

Good Luck with your business,

Brent Crouch


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