DVD Wholesale Directory – 5/8/07 – 5/21/07

The stats for Index Page 4 are finally in. This layout didn’t perform badly, but the test results show the winning layout is Index Page 2. From 5/8/07 – 5/21/07, Index Page 4 generated $296.53 in income from 1,313 visitors. The cost for these visitors was $187.56 generating a net profit of $108.97. This site […]

DVD Wholesale Directory – 5/4/07 – 5/7/07

I know a dog when I see it! I’ve been running Index Page 3 for the last 4 days. How well did it do? Ouch! Over the last 4 days, the site had 269 unique visitors at an advertising cost of $34.07. These visitors generated ZERO sales. The problem was with the CTR on the […]

I�ve Been Punk�d by the Google Bot – Post #3

On Saturday, I ran a quick check of some of my keywords for my JillianEntertainment.com website. I use this site to sell a wholesale dvd list to internet retailers. I was shocked to find out that 4 of my high traffic keywords had disappeared from the first page of search results. These words didn’t just […]

I’ve Been Punk’d by the Google Bot – Post #1

Just when I thought organic search listings were within my grasp, I’ve been Punk’d by the Google Bot. One of my first digital product sites was the Jillian Entertainment CD & DVD Directory. When I started the site, I was relying solely on pay per click traffic. However, over the last 6 months, I’ve noticed […]

DVD Wholesale Directory – Internet Marketing Test Pages

I just created some new page layouts for the DVD Wholesale Directory. Page 1 is the original layout. I plan to run each new page for about a week to determine which design produces the most affiliate and adsense earnings. I’ll keep every one updated when I separate the winners from the losers. Which page […]