– Recording A Starting Point With A Good Keyword Ranking Tool – SEO Project #2 – Update 3 1/2 Hour Spent On Ranking Check – 38 1/2 Hours Left It’s impossible to monitor your progress if you don’t know where you start from. I spent about 30 minutes today importing my targeted keywords into a program called Web CEO. Web CEO has a lot of […]

SEO Project #1 – Ranked #1 For My Top Keyword – Update #21

A few weeks ago, I noticed an increase in traffic from one of my project sites  After some checking, I realized my site was now ranking #1 for my primary keyword in Google. At first, I thought it was no big deal. I’ve had my sites bounce all over the place and wasn’t sure […]

SEO Project #1 – Getting a Top Ranking for Select Keywords – Update #1

About 6 months ago, I created 10 websites in different niches. Technically, I am creating MFA sites that feature a Clickbank affiliate product. However, I have taken special care to avoid the MFA look. All of my sites feature unique graphics and content. The Adsense ads are limited to 2 per page and the home […]

Yahoo Directory Submission – Update #2

You can read the first post in this series at this link. Yahoo Directory Submission – Update #1 Only a few days have passed since my site has shown in the Yahoo Directory. At this point, analyzing the results is premature. But when I realized Google had already visited the category of the Yahoo Directory […]