Blue Screen Of Death – Fix Lockups Blue Screens In Windows


My computer has been giving me fits recently! A couple of times a day, I'd be in the middle of something and I'd get the blue screen of death. The error information that appeared on the screen didn't make sense to me and provided no clue as to what was causing the problem. After hours of searching and reading search results on Google, I was getting nowhere.

I was so desperate, I started downloading and trying different software programs that promised to fix the problem. Not a single one of them worked until I found BlueScreenView.

Bluescreenview is a free program that analyzes the dump files created by Windows when the system shuts down with a BSOD. I took every bit of 30 seconds to download and execute the program. Within seconds, it had pulled every single dump file from my system and told me exactly which driver was the culprit.

In my situation, it was my Wireless Lan driver that was causing the problem. It had obviously become corrupted at some point. A simple reload of the driver and my problem was cured. This software was a lifesaver.

Thanks Nirsoft!


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  1. Alicia Says:

    Holla so I found your blog luv it…. In response to the “blue screen view” incident, that really sucks. I am glad that it got resolved.

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