DVD Wholesale Directory – 4/27/07 – 5/3/07

Testing different landing pages is starting to pay off. For the last seven days, I have been running Index Page 2. The results have been a dramatic improvement over Index Page 1.

I spent a total of $73.72 on advertising that brought 448 visitors to my site and produced revenue of $282.31. For the last seven days, I'm in the black by $208.59! This is a huge improvement over the last landing page. Here is what made the huge difference.

I made the adsense ads a lot less prevalent. The CTR (Click Through Rate) on Adsense ads dropped by more than 10%. Rather than clicking adsense ads, these visitors were clicking affiliate ads. The CTR on affiliate ads increased by more than 20%. This is a huge improvement and the reason for the big increase in revenue per visitor.

Out of the 448 visitors, a total of 154 visitors clicked affiliate ads generating 8 sales. This equals a CTS (Clicks To Sales) ratio of 5.2%. If you based the CTS ratio on total visitors rather than just those clicking affiliate ads, the CTS ratio falls to 1.8%.

In addition to adsense and affiliate income from wholesale lists, this site also generates revenue from Ebay's Affiliate Program which is managed by CJ.com. 26 of the visitors clicked on these ebay affiliate ads generating 7 commissionable occurrences resulting in commissions of $10.83.

I'm very happy with these results, but I still have 2 more landing pages to test. If they turn out to be total losers, I now have a page that can keep me in the black. Once the other two pages are tested, I'll use the page that produces the best results and start purchasing additional traffic.

If you aren't making the money you want with your website, this is an excellent example of how much difference a landing page can make. I was able to use a different landing page to increase my net profit by over 400%.

I'm going to load Index Page 3 and hope for better even better results.


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